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My Story


  • 8+ Years in the Tech Industry
  • Currently, a Senior Product Manager and previously as an Operations Analyst, Software Engineer, and Site Reliability Engineer
  • Combat Veteran
  • On the F.I.R.E. Journey
  • Avid BJJ and Kickboxing practitioner  

Career so far... 👨🏽‍💻

I spent 3.5 years in the Army as an infantryman. While getting out of active duty in 2014, I attended Microsoft Software and Systems Academy, where I learned basic coding skills to create simple Universal Windows Platform applications.

After the program, I started my tech career in 2014 as an operations analyst for Expedia, ensuring all Expedia brand sites were running smoothly and getting the right teams involved if it's not. 1.5 years later, I joined the platform teams as a software engineer, working on our observability stack and back-office airline ticketing system.

In 2017 I joined Microsoft's Azure Site Reliability Engineering organization. I focused on ensuring Azure has the necessary computing capacity to support customers by automating some buildout workflows for some of Azure's core offerings.

In late 2018 I got the product bug and decided to transition into a product management role. My first product role was on an internal tool with a maximum of ~100 people using it, but it was crucial in prioritizing incidents and data center buildouts.

At the start of 2020, I joined the Windows team working on the notifications platform, focusing on developers creating notification experiences for Windows users.

And now, I'm currently a product manager at Mulesoft ( a Salesforce company), where I focus on fully managed cloud Mule applications.

On a more personal note 🤓

I'm a first-generation US immigrant, originally from the Philippines. I spend most of my free time kicking it with my wife and two dogs.

Outside of coding and learning new technologies, my hobbies revolve around fitness and food. I mostly run so that I can eat out more. I've picked up BJJ and kickboxing since 2021 (before Zuck-hype) and have competed a few times in grappling.

I'm also part of the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) crowd and love hearing about folks on a similar journey.

Want to see what stuff I use regularly?

Check out my toolbox page!