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002 - Best Career Advice in a Tweet | Redbull Pull Tabs + Shot Glass on My Desk | 70+ Tech Resources

002 - Best Career Advice in a Tweet | Redbull Pull Tabs + Shot Glass on My Desk | 70+ Tech Resources
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What's a personal update from me this week?

Well, this past week I hit 12 days of actively posting on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why am I publishing content there, you ask?

Because I tell folks trying to break into tech to build in public and establish their personal brands.

Then to realize that I haven't done it myself...

So I'm taking my own advice and starting now.

At a glance, we'll be covering:

  1. Why I have Redbull can tops and a shot glass on my desk  
  2. Best career advice that fits in 1 tweet
  3. Hitting 70 Tech Resources and programs opened for applications!

Read Time: 3 minutes

My actual desk.

1. So, am I drinking Redbull and vodka all day?

No, but great guess though.

I can't maintain my Balmer peak that long.

Redbull pull tabs and the shot glass are part of my productivity stack.

The missing piece of the puzzle is a timer.

I'm a big follower of the Pomodoro Technique, which helps you get things done by working for a period of time and taking a break, usually on a 25-minute work and 5-minute break schedule.

So now here is how this shot glass, tab, and Pomodoro system works:

1️⃣ Start a Pomodoro session which is 25 mins work and 5 mins break

2️⃣ Place a pull tab into the shot glass for each cycle completed

3️⃣ Repeat 1 & 2 until all can tops are in the shot glass

Simple? Yep, and it works wonders for me.

I tried numerous apps to track my productivity when working, but none seem as effective as placing each pull tab into a shot glass.

Plus, seeing the tabs scattered is a reminder throughout the day that I haven't been able to engage in deep work.

Find what works for you.

2. Earn, Learn, or Churn

I sometimes overthink how I should manage my career but having this in my mental model makes career decisions easier.  

Who is Garry Tan? He is a venture capitalist, the current CEO of Y-Combinator, and a man on the Forbes Midas List from 2018-2022.

A person that I look up to and hope that I can make an impact similar to him one day.

If you got a spare 14 minutes, invest it and watch his video on this topic.

Got a better career advice tweet? Tag me in it on Twitter.

3. Tech Resource Updates

Well, the resource list has grown and is now at 71! I hope I can make it to 100.

New resources this week:

  1. Women in Games International (Community)
  2. AirBnB (Apprenticeship)
  3. Vets Who Code (Career Transition Program)

Apprenticeships Open

Accenture (USA)

AirBnB (USA)

Amazon (EU)

Barclays (EU)

Cisco Apprenticeship Programs (EU)

Expedia (EU)


And as always the entire resource list is in for you to check out. Best List of Free Programs and Resources for Non-Traditional Tech Transitions

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